Marathon: Month 2

Wow, I have never felt so ill in my life this month. I have had a cold since Christmas, and it will not shift. On Saturday on week 5, I had a 4m run with Nat and we went to have brunch at The Rocket House – I had a pulled pork bap (soooo good). I felt fine, a little bit zapped of energy. I had a bath and started to feel really weird, I said to myself ‘have a nap’, you will be fine. I am the Queen of Napping after the stroke, it’s part of my recovery. My phone was in the side-room, I walked into the kitchen and I was really light-headed. I fainted. No idea how long I was out for, probably a couple of seconds. I got myself up, I really needed my phone. Went into the side-room and I fainted again. Only this time I have a ringing in my ears, it did that when I had the stroke. Panic sets in – “Oh for f*****e, is this how I’m going to go out”. I frantically called dad, I couldn’t see straight, pushed every application that was available to me. I said what had happened. They were at my Auntie’s house in Norwich. They left and I put myself into the recovery position for an hour, until they came home. To be honest, I cried – I really do not want to lose my speech again, I have worked so hard at it coming back. I started reciting my thoughts in my head and starting singing songs, to make sure my speech wasn’t slurring. If it did, I would call an ambulance straight away.

The folks came back. Dad took my blood pressure, he must have taken it 6 times. I hate having my blood pressure taken! It was really low, which was why I kept fainting. I then proceeded into the bathroom where I projectile vomited, numerous times. Mum said I have a virus. I didn’t move from the sofa / bed for the next week. I watched so much Netflix; Scream, Peaky Blinders, The Mist and awful Hallmark movies and nineties films.

It wasn’t until Saturday I started feeling like myself again. I was going out with Charlie on the Sunday morning to do the trim trail at Kelling Heath. We did the obstacle course a couple of times and a circuit as it was also his birthday. I like to think I l kept up with him!

I have started to get my miles up, in week 8 I did 9m. I’m not doing speed work, I’m just plodding along, trying to get my stamina up. I feel so much better after I had the lurgy, I feel like it really cleared me out! After the 9m run, I ran to  Cromer and back and I felt really good – it was the moment when I felt like I was running again, no cares in the world – like I was back to my old self. I ran 6m in under an hour.

On Sunday, all 7 of us ran the My Resolution Stroke Race – 5k and 10k. There was Nat, Cassie, Rachel, Kate, Kerry and Claire. Kate, Kerry and Claire smashed the 10k, the rest of us did 5k. I felt OK, I definitely need to do some speed work (despite what I have just said!!). I wanted to get under 27 minutes – I narrowly did it – 26.46. Nat did it in 24 minutes, she raced 5.5k as the Marshall said she had to do another lap…She was not best pleased!

Week 5

Run 5 miles

Run 4m

Week 6


Week 7

Run Trim Trail

Run 4m

Run 6m

Run 6m

Week 8

Run 9m

Run 6m

Stroke 5k

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