Marathon: Month 1

Kat and I registered for the Man vs Lakes marathon and a Spartan Trifecta in 2017. 2017 was a HELL of a year for me, I had a dissection stroke – a part of my artery got loose in the left side of my brain. I couldn’t speak, read or write for a good couple of weeks. I still have trouble with my speech when I am tired or stressed out. So 2018 I’m doing it – I am running a marathon, I deferred my entry. To be honest I don’t think it will be physical, a bit more mentally challenging for me. I did the 2012 London marathon in 3 hours 49 minutes, so I know I’m capable…

I came back from a 10 mile run on the day I had my stroke. One of the precursors of having a stroke is that you feel a limpness in one side of your body. My right side felt like I was walking through a swamp, it felt really weird, it didn’t feel like it was a part of me. I sat down and it disappeared, so I went to teach yoga at Aldborough. This is one of the facts why I didn’t want to go on a run again, I do not want that feeling surrounding me. I have got to really shove it out of my mind EVERY time I go on a run. I did a Parkrun a couple of months after my stroke with my friends, they basically barricaded me so I wouldn’t go fast! It was 32 minutes. I haven’t run since that day.

I have a marathon plan, but that doesn’t kick in until March, I have lifted a training plan from Runners World. One thing I will not do is get burnt out. I will run 3 times a week until the marathon. I do not want to get injured or have my knees crumble. I do yoga every day and Buti yoga as a self-practice. I can do burpees until the cows come home, I can hold a plank for 5 minutes, but getting running fit suuuucks. My friend said that every week off you take it will take you 2-3 weeks to get back… I knew exactly what I was in for…

First day, 2 miles to see how I go. I didn’t walk – If you know me, it’s go hard or go home. January is awful, wind blowing, rain whipping your face and of course, no daylight. Every time I go home, feel like I am 10 years younger, your pores really shrink up. How the hell will I be able to run a marathon is beyond me, but perseverance and stubbornness will get me through.

My Plan:

Week 1

Run 2m

Run 3.5m

Run 6m

Week 2

Run 2m

Run 4m

(I only ran twice this week as I had a blood test)

Week 3

Run 6m

Run 5m

Run 2m

Week 4

Run 7m

Run 3m

Run 5m

I can’t actually believe I ran 7 miles in my first month, although it felt like I was running through quicksand, I had no energy left. In week 4 I ran 3m, It felt really good and I really pushed myself. Turns out it was my speed-work, I wanted to get under 25 minutes. I didn’t – it was 27.03, which is OK. My PB is 19.39, I have a long way to go before I even contemplate that.

On a run, I will always say hello to anyone I meet, I am a very happy soul when I am running. I said hello to a lady (she wasn’t wearing head phones) and she ignored me. How dare she! I thought it was running etiquette, and the fact that I was breathing out of my a**e trying to get under 25 minutes, I shouldn’t have bothered…But surely, in today’s world – is there not a place for running etiquette??

I am doing the Stroke Resolution run in Norwich next month with a load of my friends – Cass, Nat, Rachel, Kate, Kerry & Claire. If you would like to sponsor us ( it would be hugely appreciated, it’s my first race back.

Thank you for reading, until next month…


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